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Food & Nutrition, Children & Families, Weatherization, Seniors, Homelessness

A few success stories from satisfied participants.

“FaDSS is a great program. I needed extra help recovering from my addiction and FaDSS helped me. She helped me with parenting and resources so I could support my family and remain sober. I don't know what I would have done without this program.”

John’s family is very happy with our Head Start program. It has provided his Mom with the opportunity to attend college full time to obtain her Health Care Management degree. Head Start has paid for John’s Dad to get his GED. He plans to work full time and go to college upon completing his GED. Head Start has helped this family to complete all of John’s health requirements for Head Start. John will be ready to start Kindergarten this fall.

“My stay at Crossroads was long (5 months.) It had it’s ups and downs but it taught me a lot, gave me structure and put me on a schedule. Crossroads is a great place to grow up and be responsible.”

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Community Action Agency of Siouxland is a community-focused nonprofit organization. We are dedicated to helping people and changing lives.

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The Facts On:

Food & Nutrition

Access to healthy food is the basis for successful living.


Percentage of Woodbury County school children enrolled in the free or reduced lunch program.


Percentage of Iowans recieving Food Assistance from SNAP.


Number of Woodbury County families helped by Community Action with food in 2014

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Children & Families

Low-income families need assistance with preparing their preschool children for school.


Number of low income families in Iowa with children


Percentage of children in Woodbury County attending pre-school in 2013


Number of children in Iowa at or below 200% of poverty not in pre-school in 2013

The Facts On:


and Energy Assistance

CAA Siouxland's

weatherization and energy assistance services ensures low-income household's save energy and stay warm in cold weather.


Number of households assisted with energy costs in Woodbury County in 2014


Number of households benefitting from weatherization services in Woodbury County in 2014

The Facts On:


in Crisis

commonly need employment re-training.


Average social security annual income


135% of 2014 Federal poverty level

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100 – 140

individuals on any given night in Siouxland are staying in an emergency shelter.

Greater than


individuals on any given night in Siouxland are living on the streets in Siouxland.

More than


of Iowa’s children experience homelessness each year according to the data collected by the McKinney-Vento Educational Programs. Iowa ranks 20th in the number of homeless children and 31st in the percentage of children who are homeless. Of the 142,000 children living in poverty in Iowa, seven out of every one hundred (7%) are homeless.